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You might think that they aren’t for you, but depending on the extent of damage to your car, your cash flow, and the urgency with which you need to get your vehicle repaired, an emergency loan might actually be the best option.

Let’s explore the times when you can benefit the most from an emergency car repair loan.

When you need to get back on the road

There are so many reasons why it can be important to pay for car repairs without delay. You might rely on your vehicle for your job, and without it, risk jeopardising your income. Or your car could be essential for transporting family members to work or school. However you rely on your vehicle, in some cases, repairs are vital to continue with your daily routine – but when your cash flow doesn’t permit paying for emergency repairs, what can you do? The answer in these situations can be an emergency car repair loan which can get you driving again, and back on the road to normality.

When you don’t want to be kept waiting

If you are looking at other types of loan to fund an urgent car repair job, they might take time. If booking an appointment to see your bank manager and then attending a meeting means that you are spending too much time off the road, an emergency car repair loan can be the solution. Similarly, seeking to borrow cash from friends or family in a matter of hours can be tricky, as they might be busy and unable to help when you need the money.

In many cases, emergency car repair loans can be applied for online. All you need to do is upload and send the documents which your car repair loan provider requires from you, along with any mandatory signatures. From there, so long as your documents are in order and you have satisfied the lender’s requirements, you can expect the cash in your bank account within just one to two hours of your application for an emergency car repair loan being approved.

When you don’t want to put your home at risk

If you are worried about putting your home at risk as a result of taking out an emergency car repair loan, think again, because there is typically no attachment to these assets as part of the financial arrangement. That’s right, you don’t usually need any collateral for this type of loan, because your car itself is effectively serving as the collateral. That means that in the unwanted scenario that you have failed to pay your outstanding balance, your car could be seized, but you don’t need to worry that your home is at risk. You should note, however, that your credit rating can be affected by failure to pay an emergency car repair loan.

When you have a low credit score

You shouldn’t assume that a poor credit rating will mean that you won’t get your application for an emergency car repair loan approved. On the contrary – if you do have a low credit score an emergency car repair loan could be one of the most suitable options for you when you need to get back behind the wheel as quickly as possible, and don’t have the funds for repairs readily available. And there is more good news because if you do have a low credit rating, taking out and repaying an emergency car repair loan could actually be one of the best things which you can do. That’s because as long as you can meet all the payment deadlines punctually, it can actually improve your credit rating, standing you in good stead for the future.

When you want flexibility in repayments

Apply, get approval, get your money; in many ways, securing an emergency car repair loans is quite a straightforward process. But the way in which you repay your emergency car repair loan can take a number of formats. You would typically have a number of repayment options available to you. You might want to repay the loan in just a few days, perhaps when you have access to your salary, and for this, you can expect to pay a lower interest rate than for loans paid back over a longer period. Alternatively, you can also expect to have the option of paying back over weeks or months – so if you want a quick cash option which allows you to pay back according to your own finances, an emergency car repair loan can really work well.

Do any of the scenarios above sound like your set of circumstances?
If they do, an emergency car repair loan could prove to be the best choice as you seek to access cash and get your vehicle moving again.

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