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There is something you need to buy. It could be a ‘like to have’, a must-have, or an absolute essential – the key thing is you want, or need it now. Maybe your car has broken down, perhaps you need to invest in a new vehicle, or you could have your eye on a festival or sports event ticket that is likely to sell out quickly.

Which options do you have available to you? You might be reluctant to ask a family member or friend to borrow some money, and prefer to use your initiative. In these cases, a payday loan can make perfect sense, and in this article, we run you through some of the key potential benefits.

Quick and easy

If you are considering your options for a payday loan, then chances are you need money fast. Payday loans typically offer you money in your account within just one to two hours of your application being approved. That means that when you need money in a matter of minutes, rather than days, a payday loan can provide fast access to cash that you need. This makes them perfect for payments which are a matter of urgency – such as overdue rent, a ‘golden’ concert ticket, or a broken boiler.

Keep it discreet

Fronting up to your bank manager, a friend, or a family member and asking them for money in a tight situation can be quite an embarrassing situation. If you want to save face and borrow money in the most discreet way possible, a payday loan can be the answer. That’s because you can apply for one online, and do not need to ask somebody for the money face to face. Of course, you will need to provide essentials such as your real name.

Do it from home

The convenience of taking out a payday loan in the modern day can be hard to beat. You literally don’t need to set foot outside your home in order to get access to the funds that you need. The digital application process means that there are no written application forms. You can simply scan and upload the documents you need, including any signatures which are needed. So you won’t need to book an appointment with your bank manager – all you require is a wifi connection and the right credentials!

A regulated industry

You can rest assured that accredited lenders for emergency payday loans work in a completely regulated environment. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) serves as a watchdog, clamping down on some of the unsavoury elements of the industry, such as high fees, call centres ‘cold calling’, and brokers who sell customer data. Because of the regulations, which are designed to tackle irresponsible lenders, the market for payday loans can be seen as having improved significantly in recent years. That means you can have the peace of mind which comes with knowing that you are working with companies that are well regulated and are charging reasonable fees.

Loyalty is rewarded

You should know that regularly taking out payday loans is not ideal for your finances. However, if it is something you do once in a while, you can expect some form of rewards for your loyalty. That’s because many payday lenders who provide emergency payday loans run loyalty programmes, which offer repeat customers a higher amount in the future, so long as you have paid off your loans on time in the past, and that your earning capacity has not changed. In some cases, there are caps on the amount that first-time borrowers can borrow, but you can expect to see this amount increased significantly once you have taken out a payday loan and repaid it punctually.

So there is some food for thought when it comes to payday loans. Use them wisely and you have a very useful option for a fast cash injection.

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